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Chas Schreiber Photography offers nationwide, professional photography services to real estate developers & investors, property managers, architects and interior designers with the primary focus being the multi-family residential community.

Understanding Ownership of Photography Images

Most people are unaware that the copyright and ownership of images remains with their author, the photographer, who then licenses their use, just like computer software, to the commissioning party. This is in accordance with the United States Copyright Law.

As such, BigIdeas Creations retains ownership and copyright of all images created. Our clients are allowed to purchase the usage of the images, for their organization’s exclusive use and in accordance with the agreement made at the time of the assignment.

The normal usage BigIdeas Creations allows for architectural and real estate clients include: sales packages, portfolio and display prints, marketing brochures or mailers, competition submissions, and company or property web sites. Any additional use of the images, beyond those previously mentioned, can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Please understand that sharing, selling, or transferring images in any form to any party that has not previously purchased the usage of the images from BigIdeas Creations is strictly forbidden under U.S. Copyright Law. Parties who wish to procure the use of any images after the fact may do so under separate arrangement.

Feel free to contact BigIdeas Creations today, to determine how your needs can best be served.